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Introducing Groundbreaking Features

Join the QC Ware team for a demonstration of the new capabilities and live Q&A.

Expert Tools:

  • Simulate circuits faster on GPUs
  • Edit circuits easily with expert tools
  • Automatically import circuits from Qiskit and Cirq

New quantum machine learning capabilities:

  • Load classical data efficiently into quantum states
  • Execute distance estimation calculations with NISQ circuits
  • Utilize turnkey algorithms for classification, regression, and clustering

New binary optimization capabilities:

  • Find the optimal QAOA angles
  • Get better results on D-Wave with anneal offsets

Watch Webinar Replay

Wednesday, July 22nd

11 AM ET / 5 PM CET

Thursday, July 23nd


Meet The Presenters

Wim van Dam

Head of Quantum Algorithms US

Iordanis Kerenidis

Head of Quantum Algorithms International

Yianni Gamvros

Head of Business Development

Robert Parrish

Head of Chemistry Simulations

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