Problem Classes

There are five key areas that QC Ware is working on
that will have a significant impact on enterprise business processes.

What are the relevant use cases for your industry?


Break down crude oil to lighter hydrocarbons


Lowering reaction barriers

Synthetic enzyme design

Directly estimate redox potentials

Drug design

Correlate feature variables with drug efficacy

Materials design

making desired molecules


Transportation, manufacturing, network design, supply and demand matching, inventory optimization.

Portfolio Optimization

Financial assets, capital project selection


Manufacturing, transportation

Fault diagnosis

Electronics, oil & gas, aerospace


Demand, prices, risk analysis

Pattern recognition/ Classification

Healthcare, maintenance, fraud, insurance


Customers, products, offers

Recommendation systems

Retail, media, marketing

Fluid dynamics


Seismic wave equation


Disease spread, bacterial growth

Risk analysis


Derivative pricing


Inverse problems in geophysics

How can you get started?

Why Now?

Find out why industry leaders in many industries are engaging now.

Readiness Roadmap

Here are the steps that you can execute to get ready for the upcoming quantum computing disruption.

Discovery Workshop

Get business and technical education. Identify potential use cases that can serve as an initial Pilot Project.

Pilot & Advanced Projects

Find out what an initial pilot project looks like and what to expect after its completion.


Learn and experiment with quantum computing algorithms and hardware on your own.