QC Ware Team

Matt Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO

MBA (UPenn, Wharton)
BS (US Air Force Academy)

Matt leads QC Ware’s business and he serves on the QED-C governing board. Matt was a captain in the Air Force and subsequently worked in finance, becoming a managing director in private equity at Apollo Management. Matt swam the English Channel and remains an avid but mediocre swimmer.

KJ Sham

Co-Founder & COO

PhD (Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota)

KJ leverages his operations research and startup background to develop product strategy, and he handles all of QC Ware’s operational matters.

Randy Correll

Co-Founder and Head of Enterprise Collaboration and Services

PhD (Theoretical Physics, UT Austin)

Randy brings significant quantum programming expertise to the company and serves as a point person engaging with customers.


Wim van Dam

Head of Quantum Algorithms US

PhD (Physics, University of Oxford)
PhD (Computer Science, University of Amsterdam)

Wim is a quantum computer scientist for QC Ware who focuses on developing and analyzing quantum algorithms that significantly outperform classical algorithms.


Iordanis Kerenidis

Head of Quantum Algorithms International

PhD (Computer Science, UC Berkeley)

Iordanis works with QC Ware to design quantum algorithms for machine learning and optimization with provable speedups.


Yianni Gamvros

Head of Business Development

PhD (Operations Research, University of Maryland, College Park)

Yianni’s main responsibility is to drive new sales, provide customer assurance, and drive strategic and operational marketing activities.

Robert Parrish

Head of Chemistry Simulations

PhD (Theoretical Chemistry, Georgia Tech)

Rob works with QC Ware on mixed classical/quantum approaches to practical chemistry simulations on quantum hardware.


Vic Putz

Head of Engineering

PhD (Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford)

Vic is responsible for integrating QC Ware’s algorithms research into its Forge platform.

Fabio Sanches

QC Services Lead

PhD (Theoretical Physics, UC Berkeley)

Fabio architects QC Ware’s platform and develops applications and quantum algorithms for near term quantum computers.


Asier Ozaeta

Quantum Engineering

PhD (Condensed Matter Physics, Universidad del Pais Vasco)

Asier oversees software development for QC Ware’s backend and for certain quantum applications the company will field.


Juan Ignacio Adame

Quantum Engineering

MSc (Mathematics in Science and Engineering, Technical University of Munich)

Juan is developing applications for quantum algorithms in near term quantum computers.

Bryan Burr

Software Engineering

BS (Computer Science, Stanford University)

Bryan is currently spearheading development of QC Ware’s cloud services and classical software infrastructure.

Joseph Iosue

Quantum Engineering

BS (Physics, MIT)

Joe is developing and implementing quantum algorithms for near term quantum computers.


Anupam Prakash

Quantum Engineering

PhD (Computer Science, UC Berkeley)

Anupam works for QC Ware on the design of quantum algorithms for machine learning and optimization.


Stanford Schor

Enterprise Collaborations

PhD (Cancer Biology, Stanford)

Stanford works directly with QC Ware clients to introduce them to the platform, address any concerns they may have, and acts as a relay between clients and the development team.

Sean Weinberg

Quantum Engineering

PhD (Physics, UC Berkeley)

Sean focuses on quantum algorithm research and enterprise engagement at QC Ware.


Hamed Joorati

Quantum Engineering

MSc (Electrical Engineering, ENSICAEN)
MSc (Mathematics, Sorbonne Univeristy)

Hamed is doing research and development of quantum algorithms and quantum machine learning applied to quantitative finance.

Alicia Rae Welden

Quantum Chemist

PhD (Theoretical Chemistry, University of Michigan)

Alicia works with QC Ware on mixed classical/quantum approaches to practical chemistry simulations on quantum hardware.

Fionn Malone

Quantum Engineering

PhD (Physics, Imperial College London)

Fionn works with QC Ware on the development and implementation of quantum algorithms for quantum chemistry.

Natansh Mathur

Quantum Engineering

Current Undergrad (Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Roorkee)

Natansh’s work in QC Ware focuses on research and development of quantum algorithms for deep learning.

Adam Bouland

Advisor – Quantum Algorithms Research

PhD (Computer Science, MIT)

Adam is working to develop quantum algorithms amenable to near term quantum devices.


Peter McMahon

Advisor – Quantum Algorithms Research

PhD (Electrical Engineering, Stanford)

Peter is an advisor to the quantum algorithms team. He is an assistant professor at Cornell University.


Steve Matthews

Sales Account Executive

BS (Physical Science) Degree

Steve brings a successful career of selling enterprise software to the QC Ware Account Management role. Key enterprise account positions include selling optimization software for IBM, data integration software for Cisco and cloud management software for Turbonomic.


Rachael Al-Saadon

Quantum Chemist

PhD (Theoretical Chemistry, Duke)

Rachael works with QC Ware on quantum algorithms and simulations for chemistry.

Matthias Loipersberger

Quantum Engineering

PhD (Theoretical Chemistry, UC Berkeley)

Matthias works with QC Ware on the development and application of quantum algorithms for quantum chemistry.

Pablo Jose Ortiz-Lampier

Software Engineering

PhD (Computer Science, MIT)

Pablo develops frontend software for QC Ware.


Scott Aaronson

Chief Scientific Advisor

Scott Aaronson is a professor of computer Science at The University of Texas at Austin. He is an expert in quantum algorithms, and his current research concerns how to demonstrate a quantum computing speedup with the technologies of the near future, and the largest possible quantum speedups over classical computing. Scott received his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley under Umesh Vazirani. He was a professor at MIT for nine years before joining UT Austin.


Kay Giesecke


Kay is a tenured professor at Stanford, and is advising QC Ware on application development related to quantitative trading, financial risk management, and asset pricing. Kay’s research and teaching are in the area of financial and risk analytics.


Gordon Eubanks


Gordon was the CEO of Symantec for 15 years and the CEO of Oblix for five years. Gordon was also on the board of Skybox, prior to its acquisition by Google. He is a former US Navy submarine officer.

Pete Worden


Pete was the Director of NASA’s Ames Research Center from 2006-2015. Pete is currently the chairman of the Breakthrough Foundation, and he advises QC Ware on government relations and aerospace/defense projects. Prior to his tenure at NASA, Pete was a career officer in the US Air Force and retired as a brigadier general.