Location: Palo Alto, California or Paris, France

Who we are:

QC Ware (www.qcware.com) develops software and applications that run on quantum computers. Our mission is to allow classically-trained users to use quantum computing to solve hard problems in optimization, simulation and machine learning. We have a world-class team with expertise in quantum algorithms, computer science and physics. The company’s investors include Airbus Ventures, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. We have also been awarded grants from the National Science Foundation and other government agencies. QC Ware has offices in Palo Alto and Paris.


An ideal candidate will have experience defining deployment, testing, and application support infrastructure as code, with a focus on completely automating these processes. General-knowledge computer science experience, especially implementing scalable back-end application logic, is also essential.


The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications.

Good Candidates will have

  • A BA/BS degree in Computer Science or a related technical field, or equivalent practical experience.
  • 4+ years experience shipping scalable and well-maintained application back-end codebase(s)
  • Professional coding experience with Python, preferably Python 3
  • Experience deploying and maintaining application monitoring, logging, and CI/CD systems
  • Experience with Unix/Linux environments

Great Candidates will also have

  • Experience deploying and maintaining container orchestration systems like Kubernetes or Mesos, and in-depth knowledge of networking, security, and auto-scaling best practices.
  • Knowledge of distributed systems concepts and tradeoffs
  • Experience in Release Engineering, DevOps, and/or SRE type roles
  • Demonstrated ability to create a software engineering environment geared toward providing a low-friction experience for software developers

Benefits & Compensation:

  • Cash and stock options
  • Excellent medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • Flexible schedule, with the option of working from home on Monday and Friday


Matt Johnson, CEO | matt.johnson@qcware.com